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Pusher for Realtime Notifications

Pusher is a third party service being used to power the chat system and Push Notifications on iOS & Android native apps.

Chat System#

In order to use the chat functionality within your development environment, you will need to sign up for a free-tier Pusher account and retrieve its keys. Then you'll need to provide those keys to the Rails application.

  1. Sign up or sign in to your Pusher account.

  2. Once signed in, fill in the prompt to create a new Pusher Channels app.

    Create a new Pusher Channel app

  3. In your new Pusher Channels app, click the "App Keys" tab.

    click the "App Keys" tab

  4. Change your keys accordingly (name of Pusher key -> name of our application key):

    app_id -> PUSHER_APP_IDkey -> PUSHER_KEYsecret -> PUSHER_SECRETcluster -> PUSHER_CLUSTER

    Change you app keys

  5. Done.