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Branding Guidelines


We’re currently making rapid changes to the product so our docs may be out of date. If you need help, please email

Forem Theme

Forem's design inspiration is meant to be a throwback. In personality and design, it is ATARI inspired. Magazines like PAPER are also an inspiration in terms of being a bold contrast with some more indy.

We also think in terms of how people use the Forem brand for their own purposes. Profiles are very much public-facing records of what people have put out into the world.{username} is your developer identity.

Imagine a developer's face with the DEV heading above them. If we existed in the 80's, we would have been "DEV MAGAZINE," with the exact same branding.

Branding Rules

  • Joystick should be used for logos, not for headlines/phrases.
  • Black and white is our default logo, but the logo can be drawn in any color.
  • Forem/DEV is "old school cool."
  • We use bold shadows (no gradient) for boxes.
  • We have a minimal approach to importing dependencies, so few if any custom fonts on-site for that reason.
  • Refer to the variables.scssfile in our main repo to reference commonly-used colors and fonts.

Design License Info

  • We use the Joystick font by Neale Davidson and Pixel Sagas for the DEV Logo. We have a commercial license.
  • We use EmojiOne icons from JoyPixels. We have a commercial license.