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Branding Guidelines

Forem Theme

Forem's design inspiration is meant to be a throwback. In personality and design, it is ATARI inspired. Magazines like PAPER are also an inspiration in terms of being a bold contrast with some more indy.

We also think in terms of how people use the Forem brand for their own purposes. Profiles are very much public-facing records of what people have put out into the world.{username} is your developer identity.

Imagine a developer's face with the DEV heading above them. If we existed in the 80's, we would have been "DEV MAGAZINE," with the exact same branding.

Branding Rules

  • Joystick should be used for logos, not for headlines/phrases.
  • Black and white is our default logo, but the logo can be drawn in any color.
  • Forem/DEV is "old school cool."
  • We use bold shadows (no gradient) for boxes.
  • We have a minimal approach to importing dependencies, so few if any custom fonts on-site for that reason.
  • Refer to the variables.scssfile in our main repo to reference commonly-used colors and fonts.

Design License Info

  • We use the Joystick font by Neale Davidson and Pixel Sagas for the DEV Logo. We have a commercial license.
  • We use EmojiOne icons from JoyPixels. We have a commercial license.