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Connection timeout

While running test cases, if you get an error message postgresql connection timeout, please re-run the tests by increasing the statement timeout, for example:

STATEMENT_TIMEOUT=10000 bundle exec rspec


How do I fix the Error role "ec2-user" does not exist on an AWS instance?

After installing and configuring PostgreSQL on an AWS EC2 (or AWS Cloud9) instance and running bin/setup, this error could occur.

To fix it, run the following two commands in a terminal (assuming your PostgreSQL user is named postgres):

sudo -u postgres createuser -s ec2-user
sudo -u postgres createdb ec2-user

The first command creates the user ec2-user and the second one creates the database for this user because every user needs its database. Even if the first command fails, run the second command to create the missing database.


If you are experiencing CORS issues locally or need to display more information about the CORS headers, add the following variable to your .env:

export DEBUG_CORS=true