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Pull Requests


We’re currently making rapid changes to the product so our docs may be out of date. If you need help, please email


  • We generally follow a branch naming convention of <user>/<feature>-<issue number>, e.g. sloan/make-things-awesome-5555. Issue numbers can be omitted when unavailable, e.g. for things like quick fixes, spikes, experiments, etc.
  • Push early and often, you don’t need to wait until you’re finished to get feedback. Please use GitHub draft PRs when you have a work-in-progress (WIP) PR, or when you have a PR that is contingent on something else to be merged. We prefer draft PRs rather than adding "DO NOT MERGE" to a PR's title. Any PR that is not a draft should be ready to be merged by anyone once it has been reviewed.
  • Please follow our pull request template. Provide context for reviewers, when in doubt err on the side of too much information.
  • Core team members are not required to review draft PRs. To explicitly request feedback, please assign or mention people.

PR Reviews

PR review is the Core Team's opportunity to weigh-in on changes before they go into production.

Keep in mind that our team is distributed across the world. It's a good idea to leave far-reaching PRs open for a day, to give everyone a change to share their thoughts.

  • We require 2 approvals from core team members for each PR:
    • One from the same team because they have context and are working towards the same goal as you.
    • One from outside your team for the following reasons:
      • A different perspective from someone who has less context
      • To leverage our different strengths and garner additional insights spreading knowledge and code exposure throughout the team
      • To avoid overloading individuals
  • Tag people that you’d like to review your PR using GitHub’s ‘Reviewers’ function.
  • Be kind! The goal here is to work together on shipping good code, not to judge people.
  • For serious issues, use Github’s “Request changes” feature. This should be reserved for serious problems, e.g.
    • Doesn’t do what the issue said
    • Foreseeable performance problems
    • Provable security issues
    • Breaks existing functionality
  • Everything else can be posted as a comment, but it’s up to the original PR author whether or not they want to incorporate the changes.
  • Please keep style discussions to an absolute minimum, that time is better spent making a PR for the configuration of our various lint tools.
  • If you make changes to your PR, please re-request feedback from previous reviewers.

Merging Pull Requests

At the time of writing, we tend to prefer squashing PRs into a single commit and merging them. This is easily (and safely) achieved using the GitHub UI.

All required CI checks should be green.

Core team members are responsible for merging their own pull requests and pull requests issued by those outside the core team.

Once a PR is merged, it might need to be deployed. Deployment is a team responsibility, and everyone on the core team should be comfortable deploying code. For more information, read the deployment guide.