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Like the InstantClick tag line says, “InstantClick is a JavaScript library that dramatically speeds up your website, making navigation effectively instant in most cases.”.

Read more about InstantClick in the developer documentation.

The way it works is if a user hovers over a hyperlink, chances are their intentions are to click on it. InstantClick will start prefetching the page while a user is hovering over a hyperlink, so that by the time they do click on it, it's instantaneous. On mobile devices, preloading starts on touchstart.

Aside from prefetching pages, InstantClick also allows you to customize what happens when an InstantClick page changes.

// Found in
window.InstantClick.on("change", () => {

You can also decide whether or not to reevaluate a script in an InstantClick loaded page via the data-no-instant attribute.

// Found in
function actions(comment) {
if (comment.newly_created) {
return '<div class="actions" data-comment-id="''" data-path="'+comment.url+'">\
<span class="current-user-actions" style="display: '+ (comment.newly_created ? 'inline-block' : 'none') +';">\
<a data-no-instant="" href="'+comment.url+'/delete_confirm" class="edit-butt" rel="nofollow">DELETE</a>\
<a href="'+comment.url+'/edit" class="edit-butt" rel="nofollow">EDIT</a>\
<a href="#" class="toggle-reply-form" rel="nofollow">REPLY</a>\
} else {

For more information on this, see the Events and script re-evaluation in InstantClick documentation.

We have modified InstantClick for our needs.