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Keeping Your Fork in Sync

Now that you have a fork of Forem's source code, there is work you will need to do to keep it updated.

Setup your upstream#

Inside your Forem directory, add a remote to the official Forem repo:

git remote add upstream

Rebasing from upstream#

Do this prior to creating each branch for a PR:

Make sure you are on the main branch:

$ git statusOn branch mainYour branch is up-to-date with 'origin/main'.

If you aren't on main, finish your work and checkout the main branch:

git checkout main

Do a pull with rebase against upstream:

git pull --rebase upstream main

This will pull down all of the changes to the official main branch, without making an additional commit in your local repo.

(Optional) Force push your updated main branch to your GitHub fork

git push origin main --force

This will overwrite the main branch of your fork.

Keeping your branch up to date#

Sometimes, your forked branch may get out of date. To get it up to date it, carry out the following steps:

Rebase from upstream once again:

git checkout maingit pull --rebase upstream main

Checkout your feature branch locally and merge main back into your branch:

git checkout <feature-branch-name>git merge main

Merge any conflicts in editor if necessary:

git commit -m "Fix merge conflicts"

Push the changes back to your origin feature branch:

git push origin <feature-branch-name>

After you've fetched new commits from upstream, run ./bin/setup, and it will install new gems, npm packages, update database, and restart Rails server.

Additional resources#