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Overlaps & Challenges


There are some overlaps of the different JavaScript appraoches that we've outlined below:

Webpacker code in initializers


e.g. Preact Modal, MentionAutocompleteTextArea

  • Added to the Forem namespace on the window object in base.jsx
  • Typically in an ESM world, we shouldn't require code to live on the window object, but due to the nature of the application, it's required so that non-ESM code can consume it
  • Can then be accessed via e.g. window.Forem.showModal(), e.g. see app/assets/javascripts/initializers/initializeCommentsPage.js.erb where we replace the vanilla textarea with the mention autocomplete one

Stimulus JS code

The following Stimulus related code will be removed once we completely remove Stimulus from our application.

Preact in Stimulus JS

e.g. app/javascript/admin/controllers/modal_controller.js

  • In some cases we want our reusable Preact components in the admin area, e.g. Modals.
  • We can dynamically import and render in the Stimulus controller
  • Currently only used for Modal and Snackbar & is a relatively new pattern for us

Stimulus JS in packs (creator onboarding)

e.g. loadCreatorSettings in base.jsx

  • Allows us to use admin controllers in the main user-facing views
  • Specifically added for the new creator onboarding flow


Below are some of the challenges that we experience when working within this structure. We're currently working on improving the state of JavaScript and removing some of the challenges.

  • Non-initializer code needed by initializers, needing to add functions to the window.Forem namespace
  • Some initializer code re-runs on every page with unintended consequences
  • Async loading vs progressive enhancement (including testing challenges like Cypress attempting to click a button that doesn't have a handler attached yet)
  • Optimistic UI updates and silent failures (e.g. failed follow button click)
  • Duplication - e.g. the feed is loaded in multiple ways (server-side and Preact client-side), comment HTML exists in initializer JS code and html.erb code.
  • Multiple ways of implementing and layering interactivity on the same design system component (html.erb, Preact)