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Setting up email

If you would like to enable transactional email using services like SendGrid or Mailgun, you can configure it by using the following environment variables:

SMTP_ADDRESS=         # ie. ""SMTP_PORT=            # ie. 587SMTP_DOMAIN=SMTP_USER_NAME=SMTP_PASSWORD=SMTP_AUTHENTICATION=  # defaults to :plain

We follow the standard ActionMailer configuration. For more info, please check out Rails' official documentation.

Previewing emails in development

You can view email previews at http://localhost:3000/rails/mailers.

Previews are setup in the directory spec/mailers/previews.

Overriding mailer templates

To update the contents of emails that the app sends, edit the views under app/views/mailers. Note that this app uses the devise_invitable gem for invitations. The views for this gem are stored under app/views/devise/mailer.