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Since notifications are run asynchronously, we'll want to make sure jobs are running: bundle exec sidekiq. If that's not running, you won't receive any notifications. You might need to create another account to pass notifications back and forth if you're doing this all through the UI.

Otherwise, you can generate notifications from the Rails console and run the class methods from app/models/notification.rb. For example:

# follow notificationme = User.lastfollow = User.first.follow(me)Notification.send_new_follower_notification_without_delay(follow)# reaction notificationrxn = Reaction.create(user_id: 1,category: "like",reactable: me.articles.last, # this assumes you have an article written)Notification.send_reaction_notification_without_delay(rxn, me)

Notice you have to run these methods without_delay since this is assuming jobs are not running.